About Us

Tipple and Fizz was born out of a mother and father encouraging their daughters passion and love of horse riding. After attending several horse shows, we came to see horse boxes used in many alternative ways such as food outlets, video game booths and even mini camper vans! This is where our journey began. The Tipple and Fizz trailer was purchased from Portsmouth in 2017 and we have never looked back since. Scott took on the role of transforming the stunning rice box from it’s original form to what you see today. Within a year Scott had refurbished, sprayed, signwritten, fitted electrics and made fit for it’s current purpose, our stunning, rustic mobile bar. Tipple and Fizz now serves as a mobile bar stocked with premium gins, mixers, prosecco, cocktails, premium beers, ciders and many more beverages to suit your tastes. We are proud of what we have created and are ready to add that extra special touch to your next event.

Take a look at the images below to see how we created the Tipple and Fizz gin bar. All images are clickable to full screen size.

The Start : Project Tipple & Fizz

From an empty shell the horsebox was given a thorough cleaning and disinfection then lined with fresh marine ply and panelling for the walls along with OSB for the flooring.​


The flooring was then given several coats of heavy duty paint and then sealed with yatch varnish.


Wooden panelling was then added to the upper walls and ceiling

Bar One

The first bar area was measured, built and test fitted.

Putting Up A Good Front

The first bar was panelled up and a sealing paint layer was added


We needed somewhere to display the various gins and other drinks so Scott made the shelving. We also drilled points for the wiring.

Brushing Up

A few licks of paint and it was starting to all come together. The wiring was traced in and labelled.

Lighting Up

We had managed to source some gorgeous gas valve style light sconces. Alongside these we found some lovely vintage industrial style wireframe light fixtures. These were connected to the wiring and fitted into place.

Wheely Bad

The wheels were too far gone and the rust was in there too deep so the wheels were deemed unsafe and had to go.

Wheely Good

Luckily, we managed to source some of the same style in perfect condition.

Stocking Up

Once the interior was painted up and all the electrics installed we dressed the interior and then a visit to the wholesalers was needed. We decided to thouroughly taste test all the available options to make sure we supplied only the best quality gins (It’s a hard job but we had to insist).

All Done

We think we did a great job of the conversion (well, we say we, but we mean Scott).

Even Better

At night the Tipple and Fizz mobile bar looks exceptional! It would light up the life of even the darkest hour.

Well Deserved

A well deserved drink is in order…

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